Simple Hiking and Camping Pocket Compass Navigation, 360 degree Modern Magnetic Portable Compass, Waterproof Silver Aluminum Compasses For Men and Women

Price: £3.45
(as of Apr 08, 2024 22:39:20 UTC – Details)

Portable Compass
For outdoor lovers and professionals who depend on precise and trustworthy navigation in all weather situations, a compass’ waterproof feature is crucial. Even when exposed to water, wetness, or harsh situations, a waterproof compass guarantees that it will continue to be accurate and useful.

Reliable Navigation
Our compass ensures accurate navigation in a variety of terrains and settings by providing exact calibration. The compass readings can be relied on by users to follow their planned itineraries, prevent getting lost, and arrive at their destinations precisely.

Strengthful and long-lasting
The Navigational compass is designed to resist the challenges of outdoor activities. It is made with strong materials to ensure lifespan and durability. Even with frequent usage and exposure to the elements, the precision calibration lasts for a very long time

The Pocket Compass is waterproof and robust zinc alloy construction means it can withstand harsh environments.

The net weight of Pocket Compass is 40g, which is the same as ordinary eggs
The small size makes it easy for Adults and Students to hold it in the palm of their hand.

Zinc alloys Compass are strong, and stable with high dimensional accuracy and thermal conductivity, resisting to corrosion.
The base and cover of the Waterproof Compass are made of zinc alloy for durability.

Exquisite switch with beautiful buckle.
Can be matched with a chain or lanyard, easy to carry and open with one click.

QUALITY: Aluminum Shell Pocket Compass is portable and of HIGH QUALITY. Functions well in all weather. With the help of this excellent compass, you will always be led in the right direction and never get lost
HIGH DEFINATION READOUT: The dial rotates swiftly and continuously and is able to function in harsh conditions. High definition readout with a clear balance value allows you to move on fast.Because of its light weight and compact design, the portable pocket compass is easy to transport
GLOW IN THE DARK: The compass generates fluorescence to help you see the direction on the compass when it is dark and you cannot see the direction clearly.(If possible, position the compass in sunlight so that it can absorb light and glow at night.)
GOOD PERFORMANCE: The compact Aluminum Shell Pocket Compass beautiful silver design and 360-degree spinning bezel boost its usability for outdoor trips. It also sports a sleek and fashionable design. It is really easy to transport because of its lightweight and small size.
Portable Design: The portable pocket compass is easy to carry because of its compact size and light weight. This compass navigation can be used for camping, hiking, or as a necessary survival tool in an emergency.

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