Portable Compass,Brass Waterproof CompassFluorescent Glow Survival Gear Compass Retro Portable Compass,for Camping Survival Hiking Outdoor

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Portable brass compass for outdoor navigation, waterproof pocket compass for children, multi-functional military compass for hiking, mountaineering, camping, marching and orienteering

-Exquisite antique bronze compass, 360 degree rotation
-Portable compass, easy to carry
-Waterproof compass, no worries in rainy days, suitable for outdoor use
-Luminous function, can be used in dark or at night
-It is designed with metal ring, which can be tied with rope to prevent loss
-Navigation tools for camping, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities

Package includes:
1 × Brass compass

1. Use the compass in the horizontal state to ensure the accuracy of the pointer
2. To avoid confusion of the pointer, please keep a certain distance from the barbed wire mesh and magnetic objects
3. Do not use the compass to knock objects, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy
4. Keep the discs and lenses clean, and do not wipe them with rags or hands
5. Please close it when not in use and keep away from ferromagnetic materials to avoid loss of magnetism
High quality material: The pocket compass is made of high-quality pure copper shell, which is sturdy and durable. The compass has a V-shaped connector design on the side, which can easily open the compass.
Luminous function: The navigation compass emits light after absorbing light, which is suitable for use during the day and at night. Luminous function, suitable for night use. The compass is rainproof and very suitable for outdoor use. Even if it rains, it won’t lose its way
Precise positioning: The directional compass has built-in damping oil, which is more stable. It is suitable for rugged sports occasions and can indicate the correct direction. No matter where you are, you will not lose your direction.
Portable size: This small compass is 4.9 cm in diameter, small and light, easy to carry and store. Distinguish the direction, set the position, and give you a correct direction anytime and anywhere.
Versatility: The waterproof compass is very suitable for hiking, camping, orienteering and other outdoor activities. It is a perfect outdoor navigation tool or gift collection

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