Orientation Compass, Hiking Navigation Compass, Portable Compass for Survival Mountaineering, Outdoor Activities and Map Reading with Cord, Multifunctional Explorer Compass

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If you are looking for a great basic compass that is accurate.

Instructions for use:
1. Please use the compass on the map with the edge along the desired line of travel.
2. Rotate the capsule until the ‘N’ on the compass dial points to magnetic North on the map
3. Pick up the compass and turn your body until the red end of the needle points to the North on the compass dial. The “direction of travel” arrow in the base now points precisely to your direction. Choose a landmark or a spot in this direction. Walk to the landmark without looking at the compass. Choose a new landmark and repeat the procedure until you reach your destination.

The needle swings quickly and freely, with an adjustable bezel, which makes it accurately point to the north.
It is easy to rotate the bezel with degree marks, cardinal points, orienting arrows, and declination marks. 1:25000/1:15000 scales plus centimeter ruler.
It is rugged and long-lasting because the transparent base is made of high-quality acrylic.
You will be able to use multiple measurement scales and holes for precise route planning.

Color: Transparent
Material: Acrylic, ABS

Package Included:
1 x Navigation Compass
1.The compass is not allowed to be too close to the magnetic field, the pointer may be disturbed, please use it away from magnetic fields.
2. If the pointer does not rotate, please tap the compass lightly to make it work.
Exquisite Design: Whistle hiking compass is made of quality acrylic material, the navigation compass is solid and sturdy to use, which can last for a long time. Either sturdy hiking compass or durable walking compass. The map compass has a precise and clear scale.
Proper Size: The Camping compass is measured approx 11.6 x 5.65 cm, small compass enough and lightweight for you to store and carry out easily, taking some of the burdens off your journey with this useful hiking compass.
Luminous Demonstration: The design of the direction of travel arrow, index line and magnetic (N) needle of the explorer compass comes with luminous markings. Easy-rotate bezel with degree marks, cardinal points, orienting arrow and declination marks. 1:25000 scales plus centimeter ruler.
Portable Hanging: Each compass map ruler is attached with a safety lanyard, making it easy and convenient for you to tie this navigation compass on your backpack, suitcase, vehicle or just around your neck to release your hands, no need to worry about the loss of the scout camping survival compass compass.
What You Will Get: 1x compasses navigation and 1x emergency survival whistle. Whistle can respond to emergencies, very suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, adventure, mountain climbing and orienteering or kids. This compass map reading kit contains a perfect mountaineering compass for various field activities.

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