JIAHG Prayer Mat Muslim Prayer Rugs Soft Flannel Islamic Prayer Mat Turkish Praying Carpet Large Size Area Rugs Ottoman Prayer Mat Blankets Ramadan Gift for Men Women (Pink)

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Product Description:

Product Name: Prayer Mat Soft Flannel Islamic Prayer Mats Muslim Prayer Rugs Turkish Praying Carpet Area Rugs Arabian Prayer Mat Worship Blankets for Men Women

Key Features:

❖Arabesque Muslim Prayer Mat – Comfortable, Portable, and Tranquil Worship Experience

❖Ethnic Style Muslim Prayer Rug – Embroidered Patterns, Preserving Arab Culture

❖Portable Muslim Worship Blanket – Comfortable and Thoughtful, Immerse in Blessings Anywhere

❖Soft Muslim Kneeling Mat – Exquisite Design for a Focused Prayer Moment

❖Arabian Traditional Prayer Mat – Sacred Comfort, Adding Cultural Beauty to Your Worship Space

Detailed Descriptions:

☛High Quality Material: Our Soft Muslim Kneeling Mat is designed for a focused prayer moment. The soft, comfortable material provides a cushioned surface, helping you maintain concentration during your prayers and fostering a deeper connection with your spirituality.

☛Express Your Devotion:The prayer mat is designed for Ramadan or other traditional events, meaningful arch shape and beads design is simple but elegant, expressing your devotion, allow you getting rid of kneel pain while kneeling.

☛Inclusive for All Ages: Our prayer mats are thoughtfully designed to cater to the comfort of all age groups. Whether used by the young or the elderly, they provide a sacred and inclusive space for worship.

☛Traditional and Modern Fusion: Our Arabian Traditional Prayer Mat seamlessly blends traditional Arab cultural elements with modern design concepts. More than just a practical item, it is a piece of art that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your worship space.

Package Included: 1 x Muslim Prayer Mat
Experience Peaceful Worship: Our Muslim Prayer Mats, Islamic Prayer Rugs and Area Praying Carpets are made of high quality flannel-polyester blend fabric, super soft for comfortable kneeling or siting, helps you maintain focus during prayer, immersing your mind in sincere and express your devotion.
Versatile Sizing Options: Available in three sizes – 60×110cm, 80×120cm, and 70×110cm, Whether for men or women , the kids or the elderly, our prayer mats provide a comfortable and sacred space for worship, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone in your family or community.
Elegant Prayer Mat: The mat features solid color patterns and exquisite embroidered patterns. The side beads design and arch shapes design is more stylish , showcasing the traditional beauty of Arab culture and adding a unique artistic atmosphere to your worship space.
Portable Comfort: This worship blanket is lightweight and easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable Muslim prayer experience wherever you are. Easy to clean, just cold wash and hang to dry, anti-shrink , remain unchanged after each wash.
Fabulous Muslim kneeling mat for Men, Women and Kids. Designed for traditional events especially for Ramadan, Mecca and Hajj, help you to prayed, creating a strong spiritual environment during prayer when you are kneeling on the rugs.

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