Handmade Juniper Wood 1000 Beads Tasbeeh with Tassel Misbaha Islamic Gift Tasbih Prayer Beads Tesbih 5×7 mm Small Size Dhikr Rosary

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Handcrafted Turkish Juniper Wood Prayer Beads: A Blend of Spirituality, Exoticism and Elegance 1000 Beaded Large Size Juniper Wood Tasbih Tasbeeh Condition: New Bead Quantity: 1000 Beads Material: Juniper Wood Size: 5×7 mm (0.19″ x 0.27″ inches) Note: As this is a natural wood product color variations in the bead and slight imperfections may be noticed. Also the tassel color may change. Remarkable Features of This Product. Crafted from natural Turkish Juniper Wood. Hand-knotted by skilled Turkish artisans. Classic Islamic tasbih prayer bead design. 1000 prayer beads, each 7mm in diameter, with dividers after every 100 beads. Extra 10 small beads on the tassel for additional counting. Perfect for prayer, meditation, dhikr or as an elegant fashion accessory. An impressive gift, showcasing fine craftsmanship and the exotic allure of juniper wood.
Handmade Juniper Wood Tasbih: This tasbih is made from genuine juniper wood beads, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Türkiye. Each bead is carefully polished and strung with a durable cord.
1000 Beads for Abundant Dhikr: This tasbih has 1000 beads, 5x7mm in diameter, with dividers after every 100-bead set, and the tassel give elegant looking to gift it to your loved ones. This tasbih is ideal for performing dhikr, the remembrance of Allah. You can use this tasbih to recite the daily dhikr, meditation and any other supplications.
Islamic Prayer Beads: This tasbih has 1000 beads, which is ideal for performing dhikr, the remembrance of Allah. The tasbih can help you focus on your daily prayers and meditation, and bring you peace and tranquility.
Handy Usage: Made from 5×7 mm (0.19″ x 0.27″ inches) size beads which makes easier dhikr and the tasbih has a total length of 280 cm (110 inches) with tassel. Due to its small size you can easily carry in your shoulder bag, cross-body purse or backpack.
Genuine Juniper Tree: It is made from Genuine Juniper Wood that has a natural touch and a smooth texture.
Perfect Gift for Muslims: This tasbih is a beautiful and meaningful gift for any Muslim occasion, such as Ramadan, Eid, Hajj, Umrah, or Islamic weddings.

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