beirunde Tasbih Tesbih Islamic 99 Prayer Beads, Muslim Islam Subha Sebha Worry Beads, Misbaha Masbaha Tasbeeh Sibha Beads, Allah Mohammed Ramadan Rosary, Tasbih Lined Red Agate Stone Beads Tassel

Price: £62.33
(as of Apr 11, 2024 05:25:48 UTC – Details)

ABOUT THIS ITEM: Muslim Islamic Tasbih Rosary Prayer Beads, design featuring with 99 beads 8mm (dragon veins red agate stone round beads), the spacer beads(dragon veins red agate stone beads), 10 by 30mm of the Imam beads(dragon veins red agate stone ), featuring handmade string line and woven tassels, packaging design(exquisite bag, *************************************************************)
RELIGION KIND: Muslim Islamic Tasbih
QUALITY *************************************************************: 100% Authentic material, 100 % handmade product and Muslim Islamic Tasbih Rosary Prayer beads traditional style, 100 % ************************************************************* *************************************************************
PERSONALIZED OR CUSTOMIZED: Customizing rosary beads according to your demands with different materials and style
PROFESSIONAL FACTORY: wholesale, retail and customization of muslim Islamic tasbih rosary prayer beads for 15 years.PURPOSE: for muslim Islamic tasbih members praying, chanting, Meditation

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