Amma Part (juzu no. 30) from Tajweed Quran with Meanings Translation and Transliteration in English, Size: 17×24cm

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Tajweed QuranTajweed Quran



The meanings of wordsThe meanings of words


Meaning translationMeaning translation

The meanings of words

Explanation of words strange to the use of our time

Meanings Translation

The Quran text and on the margin of each page the meanings translation in your language


Using the letters of your language, with dotting letters close to their Arabic pronunciation

Features in all versions of the Tajweed Quran: Clarity of the Qur’anic words and not overlapping them, in addition to leaving a space that helps the reader to stop in the right place.
Meaning Translation: The Quranic Arabic text, and on the margin of each page the meanings translation English language.
Transliteration: On every left page of this Mushaf there is a phonetic translation ( Transliteration ), for non-Arabic speakers, using the letters of his language that he is accustomed to, with punctuation of letters that are close to their Arabic pronunciation. In addition to the use of time and color coding.
Paperback – Carton Cover

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