1 Piece Navigation Compass, with 2 Pieces Outdoor Carabiner Compass Hiking Compass Adjustable Offset Directional Compass for Hiking Outdoor Sports

Price: £5.18
(as of Apr 06, 2024 08:33:00 UTC – Details)

Product details
Name: Ladder Compass
Material: acrylic
Size: 4cm*12.7cm

Name: Outdoor carabiner compass
Material: ABS material
Color: black, red
Size: 3cm*6.5cm
Weight: 10 g
Purpose: Convenient for outdoor mountaineering, camping and traveling.

Note: Magnets and iron objects will affect the accuracy of the compass. Please do not use the compass near magnets, such as speakers and other objects.
【Package Included】1 piece navigation compass (including magnetic), 2 pieces outdoor carabiner compass (black, red)
【Durable Materials】The navigation compass is made of acrylic material, the shell is strong and durable, not easy to damage and can be used for a long time; The outdoor carabiner compass is made of ABS material and it is a lobster compass that can be carried with you when you travel.
【Luminous Design】The moving direction arrows, indexing lines and magnetic (N) hands of the navigation compass are designed with fluorescent markers. After absorbing enough sunlight, you can see and read its data in a dark environment to provide you with guidance in a timely manner.
【Multi-scale and high precision】Navigation compass with precise measurement scale 1:25000,1:5000,1:63360, with inch and millimeter scales, decline marks, etc., the lag can be adjusted to help you find the direction accurately.
【With Lanyard】The navigation compass is equipped with a durable nylon rope, so you can easily hang it on your backpack, suitcase, vehicle or hang it around your neck to free your hands.Suitable for hiking, hiking, orienteing, etc., the compass will be one of your essential accessories.

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